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I'm a Sucker for Santa's

Santa Carvings Santa is my favorite subject as you can see prarie Santa
The little Prarie Santa on the right looks great inserted in the small mirrors made by the Sudbury House here in Connecticut. They make excellent gifts and great decorations. The Carved Santas above are what I have left after giving so many as gifts last Christmas. The Egg Santa in the center was done in a class with CCA member "Peter Ortel" at the 1998 Carve Along

Beeswax Santa I try to make most of my Christmas gifts so crafts that are quick and easy are a big help. I've been making these Beeswax Ornaments and Candles for the last several years and they make great gifts for co-workers, teachers, and grab bags. Beeswax Xmas tree

Kitty plate Fall plate Poinsettia plate
I made and sold tons of Decoupage Plates. Even the kids made them.
The challenge is finding new and unique fabrics to use.


Oriental Rugs
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