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NEEDLEWORK - so many choices
Crocheting, Cross-Stitch, and Hardanger are my favorites.
I like making things that are useful as well as pretty.
X-stitch Towels Samplers are timeless and now they incorporate different stitches and sometimes even different fibers and beads into the piece. They are also the easiest to design yourself. X-stitch Sampler
A few stitches on a towel or
breadcloth and I can bring
out the colors in my wallpaper.
Water color box "Water Colors" are beautiful hand dyed threads made here in Connecticut. The colors are incredible. You can plan exactly how they will look or just see how they turn out. They're great for Hardanger. Watercolors Ornament
Speaking of Hardanger - This is absolutely my favorite type of needlework. You use #5,#8,#12 perle coton on 22-32ct fabrics. Stitches are done in clusters to define the main body of the piece, then you cut away unneeded threads and add fancy filler stitches. You can make doilies to fit even the most unusual piece of furniture. An excellent source for materials is "The Nordic Needle".
They have everything!
White Hardanger Doily
Pansy Doily I use doilies all through my house.
This Pansy Doily is from an old pattern
book I got from my Grandmother.

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