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My 1st carving This is my very "1st Carving".
I had some help with the face and beard.

Front view of Al and Hiker Back view of Al and Hiker
The Hiker and Al the Gas Station Guy. They are both almost 3" tall.
To the right is my little "Yankee Soldier" I did him at home after seeing one done by Jack Price. He is 2 1/2" tall and he has an upturned right hand behind his back. Little Yankee
The Yuppie I call this little guy my "Yuppie" because of his elbow patches. He is just under 3" and came about after I carved the face and had to give him a body. I like starting with the face and creating a body that suits it. If I start with the body and then ruin the face I'm not too happy.
Boy Carving I did this "Boy" at the New England Woodcarvers Retreat in 1998 in Pete LeClair's class. We also did an enlarged version of the "Boy's Head" on the right. Boy's Head
This "Duck Pin was done in one of the impromptu evening classes at the Retreat. We Wood Burned the detail. It was a fun project and the first time I ever tried woodburning.Duck Pin

Chip Carving Chip Carving is something I have not done much of yet but I really enjoy it and plan to do more in the future. These are a couple of my first pieces. I like the fact that you only need one knife so carving away from home is easy. Chip Carving

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